Wednesday, August 15, 2007

credit hog

I was working on this computer just now, installing a driver for a USB NIC that needed to be used in order for that computer to get updates, since the computer didn't have a built in ethernet jack. Since this was Windows 2000, the driver was not in the built in Windows driver database so I had to find it online. I got the wrong one the first time, but the second time it was the right one. Then I had to install WinZip so that Windows could unzip the driver folder that I had just copied to the desktop. Once I unzipped the driver folder that I copied onto that computer, Windows tried installing it but couldn't find the driver. So I had to point Windows to the folder where the driver was. Once it saw the driver, the process continued when Windows popped up with a box that said "Windows has finished installing the device". Windows installed it? Yeah right, it just wants to take the credit.

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