Friday, January 9, 2009

Caller Quotes

This is a list that I've been keeping since I started working for an IT Call Center. I started keeping it because I thought it was funny. At that time every time I heard a user say something funny, rediculous, or just plain dumb - I'd write it down on a post it note, stick it in my cube and look at them when I got frustrated. I ran out of room, so I combined them into a word document. It grows every day...

  • “I hope I have the correct Address! I was told to email ‘jayoboyle’ but since that account didn’t exist, I deduced that she spelled out ‘J’.

  • “I have enabled myself out of (program)

  • “When we try to get our computer energized up…we can’t log in.”
    “Give me a few minutes…It’s trying to generate back up now”

  • “I locked myself out of my password”

  • “They gave me kind of this creepy password…It had letters and numbers”

  • PW RESET: qn3s6heg :

    me:....h as in hotel, e as in-
    user: sorry, what was after the 6?
    me: H as in hotel, e as in echo, g as in golf
    user: what was after 6?
    me: H as in hotel
    user: that's 6, the number 8
    me:'s H as in hotel
    user: 8
    me: H as in Hotel
    user: 8 as in hotel?
    me: H as in in..oh i don't know..halibut..heart
    user: Oh, you mean H as in heart
    me: yes, H as in hotel

  • me: “do you know your employee ID number?”
    User: “no, but I know my mother's maiden name.”

  • User: “I’m having trouble creating a password”
    me: “ok, are you a faculty?”
    User: “yes”
    Me: “ second please”
    User: “yes, I’m a student”

  • Me: do you have your voicemail set up?
    User: I’m sorry, my what?
    Me: your voicemail
    User: oh, I’m sorry…I thought you said placemat.

  • Me: “I can’t tell when you change your password.”
    User: “can you tell that I changed my password this morning?”

  • User: “It’s not a printer, It’s a copy machine we’re printing from”(when trying to get IP address of printer).

  • “This is a request for a help ticket. Please sink Dr. blackberry to the data service. Her phone number is….”

  • "i received a hallmark ecard... I was wondering if there were any viruses out there."

  • "I think I’ve hit the uber lockout for the ."

  • Me: Do you have your voicmail set up?
    User: um…I don’t know what that means.

  • Me: what are you trying to log into?
    User: I don’t know.

  • User: we cannot print bills
    Me: ok…What bills are you talking about? What program are you using?
    User: The bills..the ones that we print.

  • “I need to get my password unset”

  • Me: “did you have your caps lock on when you got locked out?”
    User: “no…let me try it again.”
    (user tries it and it doesn’t work)
    User: “well, my caps lock is off – let’s turn it on”
    (user tries it and it works)
    User: “Oh, well that’s let me in.”
    Me: “looks like you must have had your caps lock on when you made your new password”
    User: “No I didn’t…”

  • User: “Are there any special rules about the new password?”
    Me: “Yes. It has to be at least 8 characters and alphanumeric.”
    User: “Ok, so does it need numbers in it and letters?
    Me: “Yes.”