Friday, October 16, 2009

Why I now take Zicam Chewables (strawberry)

Dear Zicam,

I recently began getting symptoms indicating that a cold is on its way, or already here. I was told by friends that I should start taking Zicam because it works. I bought the Zicam Multi symptom cold and flu Daytime bottle and last night I took my first dose. I would like to inform you that although your bottle indicates that it is ‘Virtually Tasteless’ it is not, and does, in fact, taste worse than chunky spoiled milk I once had by accident. I am currently taking my second dose while writing this email to you. I have it mixed with Coke Zero this time (last night it was crystal light) and I am forced to chase my ‘vitually tasteless’ Zicam/Cherry coke zero mixture with a special K breakfast bar. I just wanted to make sure that someone over there knows that the ‘virtually tasteless’ label on the bottle is incorrect. I have been told that cherry is better, so I may try that next time…I will definitely not be purchasing the ‘virtually tasteless’ bottle again. I realize that I do not know what all goes into your medicine and I would assume that some of the ingredients must be pretty awful tasting, so you do what you can. Perhaps you could make a brownie with those ingredients in there instead of a syrup? I think you would have more success if you could create a good Zicam Multi Symptom Cold and Flu brownie. I would also think that it would be easier to mask the taste of your awful ‘virtually tasteless’ version in a brownie.


A Virtually tasteless Zicam drinker.